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Naomi Bulger's Snail Mail
Naomi Bulger’s Snail Mail


Bring back snail mail

Opened my letterbox today to find this fabulous piece of snail mail from Naomi Bulger. Naomi made my day and got me thinking about snail mail or ‘real’ mail as I also like to call it. Snail mail gives the recipient the personal touch and fun that we just can’t get in an email. It’s real; you can see it, touch it and look at the person’s handwriting. Whilst it pained me a little to tear open this beauty of a package, it was worth it. Inside I found a HANDWRITTEN note, a little card, stamps and one of Naomi’s books named AirMail. I’m looking forward to reading AirMail, here is a snippet from the blurb

Reclusive old Mr. G.L. Solomon’s favourite things are single malt whiskey, Steve McQueen movies and gingersnap cookies. He hates processed cheese, washing detergent commercials, and the way the teacup rattles in his saucer when he picks it up. Solomon has become accustomed to his lonely routine in Sydney, Australia until the day he begins receiving letters in his mailbox from a complete stranger…


Let’s start sending more snail mail. We don’t need a reason, no-reason-at-all is the nicest kind. I’m starting with a reply to Naomi! Who will you send snail mail to?


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  1. Ooh I’m so glad you liked the mail, and I can’t wait to read your letter too! Snail mail makes everyone happy 🙂

    1. misspippilotta says:

      It was a joy to recieve! Looking forward to creating and sending you a reply Naomi. 🙂

  2. It is a lovely gesture. Even just a lovely postcard. I have been thinking of doing this to some girlfriends I haven’t seen for a while. Just to let them know I still think of them everyday….

    1. misspippilotta says:

      Postcards is a great idea Elisha! Might try that too.


  4. oooh! Now I have to open mine! sounds like such a fun read! Isn’t it the best getting something in the mail. I am totally into this snail mail revolution of Naomi’s. Thanks for this post Miss P. x

    1. misspippilotta says:

      Oh lovely! It’s so much fun 🙂

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