Sewing, knitting, singing and skipping

Do you knit or sew to the sound of your favourite tunes? Currently, my favourite sewing song is My Number by the Foals. I sew at the machine…do a skip and a pirouette to the ironing board…iron the seams…do a spin and sing-along back to the sewing machine. I wholeheartedly recommend sewing, singing and dancing all at the same time. Give it a go!

I’m creating a playlist for a crafty Sunday morning get-together. Craftovision is the name of the group and it’s made up of young(ish) awesome women. The music needs to match the group’s personality.

Here are a few tunes I have started the playlist with:

I hope you enjoy them.

What songs to you like to listen to when sewing, or knitting, or doing other crafty pursuits?

I’d love to hear your ideas! Oh, and you are most welcome the share this playlist. If you would like the final version, let me know.