Learn to crochet and love of hexagons

Crochet Hexagon Blanket - Miss Pippitlorra

There are plenty of tutorials on the internet you can use to teach yourself to crochet. So, instead of giving you step-by-step instructions, I thought I’d share with you my experience of learning to crochet and, hopefully, give you inspiration to give it a go too – yes you!

A few years ago I noticed crocheted hexagons on Pinterest. I love the shape of hexagons and it was those pictures that got me started; I loved them so much I was determined to make lots of them to create a blanket.  The wish to create the blanket was greater than the first frustration of learning to crochet. Crocheting after being purely a knitter, felt strange and awkward; my hands and my brain struggled. The stitches do not sit on a needle, it seemed difficult to tell the front and back of the stitches and the yarn is held in the left not the right hand.

But I discovered that unlike knitting, crochet is easy to pull apart if you make a mistake and it is fast, much faster than knitting. Best of all, crochet is incredibly relaxing. I think it’s repetitive nature of the stitches that makes it like meditation for me. A warning, it is addictive “Just one more hexagon before I go to bed,” I found myself saying.

I gave a couple of my crafty friends a crochet lesson today and teaching them reminded me of what it felt like to begin. We made progress though and I think with practice they will be crochet masters in no time. We used my favourite crochet book 200 Crochet Squares by Jan Eaton as a reference. She has a great “how-to” section with simple pictures of how to create each crochet stitch. I have found this book invaluable.

Crochet lessons Miss Pippilotta
Giving a demo

So how did I go with the hexagons you may ask? Ta-da! I did it. It took me a few months, I have no idea how many hours I spent crocheting them, I just did a few a day and kept on going. It was a great way to use up smaller amounts of yarn from my yarn stash.

Crochet Hexagon Blanket - Miss Pippilotta

Crochet Hexagon Blanket - Miss Pippitlorra

I continued crocheting the single hexagons until I had enough to make a double-bed sized blanket. The trick to making this blanket work, is to use contrasting colours for each hexagon, such as a dark pink and a light grey. To give the blanket a “boost” I used a bright yellow and when it came to sewing the hexagons together I tried to make sure there was yellow throughout the blanket. Lastly, I chose a green I had not used within the blanket and crocheted a fine edge.

Crochet Hexagon Blanket - Miss Pippitlorra

So my advice on how to learn to crochet?

  • Find a project, like a blanket, that you just have to have as inspiration to get started.
  • Follow instructions on how to create a basic hexagon or ‘granny-square”. Pip at Meet me at Mikes has a great how-to I urge you to try.
  • Practice until you feel comfortable. Don’t be too hard on yourself at the beginning.
  • Then go for it!
  • My other tip: use a light coloured yarn when practising, it makes it easier to see the stitches.

Happy crocheting! Let me know how you go!


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  1. Lila says:

    That blanket is gorgeous! I think just get started is such great advice for crocheting and a million other things!

    1. misspippilotta says:

      Thanks Lila. Very true! Hope you give crochet a go to, if you haven’t already.

  2. Ing Reils says:

    This blanket is just gorgeous…..has given me the inspiration I need to my crochet hook and yarn into action !!

    1. misspippilotta says:

      Great Ing, happy hooking! Go for it.

  3. Oh, that blanket makes me weak with longing to be a crocheter! I have tried before and gave in to frustration. Maybe I should try again? What a gorgeous thing to have on your bed. Do you use it as bedding or as a snuggle rug?

    1. misspippilotta says:

      Yes Rachel you should give it another try. Crochet, for me, is really relaxing once you master it. I use the blanket as extra warmth on my bed in winter, for kids to play on when they visit and as a bit of cover when it’s too hot to sleep with a doona in the summer months. Because it’s all wool it keeps me at just the right temp 🙂

  4. Gorgeous crochet, love it. It has actually given me an idea. I’m off to give it a try even though I shouldn’t, because I have other things I should be doing. Crochet is so addictive.
    Michelle (One Earlybird) recently posted…Crafty Bits and Pieces.My Profile

    1. misspippilotta says:

      I giggled when I read your comment “off to give it a try even though I shouldn’t.” I can relate to that Michelle. Look forward to seeing what your idea is! Crochet is wonderfully addictive.

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