How many sewing, knitting and crochet projects is too many?

Today, I did a stocktake of how many sewing, knitting and crochet projects I have on the go. How many is too many? It’s a topic I often talk about with a crafty friend of mine who has an absolute rule of one-at-a-time. I can’t do one-at-a-time; need different projects running at all-times! Here is Part One (there are more!) of my projects:

Polka dot dress in progress. Simplicity 1776.
Polka dot dress in progress. Simplicity 1776.


Polka Dot Dress Using fabric from Tessuti Fabrics and Simplicity dress pattern 1776, I’m making my first garment in polka dots. I was concerned the dress might be at bit over the top, but now at the stage of just the sleeves and hem to go, I’m really excited. Planning on wearing the dress to my nephew’s first birthday party.





Jumper in progress. Ravello knitting pattern
Jumper in progress. Ravello knitting pattern



Knitted Striped Jumper I’ve been knitting this, on and off, for months and wanted to have it finished in time for winter. Well, winter is well and truly here and I’m still knitting! The pattern is Ravello from Raverly, I’m using 8-ply charcoal, purple and light grey wool from Morris and Sons. It’s my first top-down and essentially seamless knitted garment. So, while it may feel like it’s taking a long time, I remind myself I’m knitting the front and back at once. Nearly finished the body, just the sleeves to go (probably in time for spring).



Simplicity 1717 A-line skirt
Simplicity 1717 A-line skirt




Denim A-line Skirt Denim, oh how I love denim. I matched this denim I had in fabric stash with the Simplicity 1717 Amazing Fit Skirt pattern. Simplicity has a range of patterns titled Amazing Fit, and it is the first time I’m testing to see how amazing the fit is. They are right, the fit is fabulous. With just the hook and eye to sew on, this project’s finished. I think it’s screaming coloured tights, black ankle boots and a striped top as an outfit.



Happy colours crochet - throw/blanket in progress.
Happy colours crochet – throw/blanket in progress.


Crochet Blanket/Throw

I’m working on this blanket to create something fun and to use cotton yarn from my stash. Easy crochet, rows of clusters and changing colour as I go along. I enjoy picking this up and adding another row, then deciding on what colour will be next. No pattern, no pressure to finish within a particular time. This is a good example of why I need more than one project on the go, sometimes I want a relaxing project to work on while having a cuppa, listening to music or watching a movie.

How many projects do you have? Do you like to have several or do you prefer the one-at-time approach?

I will share detailed reviews of these pattern’s shortly (when they are finished – hehehe). Feel free to subscribe to Miss Pippilotta to get the more project updates and reviews.


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  1. Ruth says:

    Hi Leah! I am definitely in the “having a million projects going at once” team. I think the lovely thing about our approach, is there’s always something that you feel like doing, no matter your mood! We could get philosophical and say its about the journey rather than the destination,, but that feels like I’m channelling my year 12 English teacher!

    1. misspippilotta says:

      Hello! I agree, there is always something you feel like doing :)) Will check out some of your projects.

  2. Bruce says:

    I would think one less than too many we be about right.

  3. Bruce says:

    I would think one less than too many would be about right.

    1. misspippilotta says:

      I like that thinking! One less than too many – hehehehehehe

  4. There’s never too many! I always have multiple projects on the go. Not that I have any skills in the knitting / crocheting / sewing arena… I am abysmally hopeless in that regard, but lots of OTHER crafty projects. Yours all look wonderful, but I am especially in love with that jumper!!

    1. misspippilotta says:

      Yay, another vote for never too many! The jumper is coming along, determined to wear it this winter. Keep up the crafty projects 🙂

  5. Bec R says:

    Never too many! I am not a one at a time kind of girl, I like to have different projects to work on depending on what my mood is! You have some lovely looking projects on the go there, knitting myself a jumper has been on my to-do list for far too long – off to check out your link!

    1. misspippilotta says:

      That’s great! I recommend the Ravello pattern, its fairly easy but looks great. Now I just have to finish these projects….

  6. Emily says:

    I’m in the never too many camp on that one ( which means I always have too many he he). It’s always good see that I’m not the only one 🙂

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