Cup of Tea with Me and Co.

tea-with-meHello there! The super awesome bloggers I’ve met through Pip Lincolne from Meet me at Mikes and her online course Blog w Pip, are having a “cuppa” and sharing a few of our favourite things today.

where can i buy Gabapentin in the uk I’ve dashed over the road to my local café for a take-away coffee and I’m back to share my current favourites with you, the pot of tea is ready for you if you prefer tea in the morning:

  • Polka dot fabric, polka dot socks, polka dot leggings; I just can’t get enough of the dots. If you need a pick me up this winter go for polka dots, I bet they will make you smile. Check out some of my pins on Pinterest for inspiration.
  • Siamese fighting fish: Now, don’t let the aggressive name put you off. They are stunning fish and easy to look after. I’m on the hunt for a lovely purple beauty.
  • Pickles knitting from Norway. Their patterns are fun, beautiful and they design for all ages including little boys. Good knitting patterns for young boys are hard to come by but not at Pickles. Check them out!
Pickles from Norway
Pickles from Norway
  • My Nephew: Little bubba, crumpet, pumpkin, and my little mate. His first birthday is coming up soon and my family and I are looking forward to celebrating a year of joy and happiness. He is my first nephew, and the first baby born in our immediate family for over thirty years, so you can imagine how besotted my family is. “Love you my little mate!” XXX

more I hope you enjoyed your cuppa with me. For more cuppas and favourites, head over to Meet me at Mikes.


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  1. So cute. And polka dots – me too! I’ve even started painting in spots! Also, I used to have a Siamese Fighting Fish, called Gorgeous George. He lived in a glass tea pot!

    1. misspippilotta says:

      Haha. My first Siamese Fighting Fish was also named George! He was a gift from students I mentored at work for a year. I don’t know who was more excited them or me. A glass teapot – now I really like that idea Naomi.

  2. Ruth says:

    Love polka dots too! Just made a dotty dress, so fun to wear ! Perhaps I need some dotted leggings to go with it??

    1. misspippilotta says:

      Go the double polka dots Ruth -do it! I’m going to very soon. Just finishing sewing a polka dot dress too. I think the key to double polka dot wearing is perhaps different sized dots? We will see what it looks like 🙂

  3. those knits are just gorgeous!!! I’ve never knitted anything that complicated though… will have to work up to them 🙂

    1. misspippilotta says:

      I lose my head over Pickles patterns – so lovely all of them. They have a few great easy patterns, the blankets are fun and quick gratification.

  4. Deb Baker says:

    I would so love to have a cuppa with you Leah. Polka dots all the way! xx

    1. misspippilotta says:

      So would I Deb, with you I mean, not with me – I do that everyday – 😉

  5. love dots too ..look at my logo!!!!!

    1. misspippilotta says:

      Dots are the best, closely followed by stripes. I also have a thing for hexagons, but I’ll save that for another post. Nice of you to drop by – thank you!

  6. how great are those knitted pants? love.

    1. misspippilotta says:

      Aren’t they ace! My dear nephew might have to get a pair from me. hehehehe

  7. Catherine says:

    Oh yes, polka dot anything for me too!

  8. jenjo22 says:

    Yes there is definitely something special about polka dots. Love those knitting patterns

    1. misspippilotta says:

      Thanks Jenjo! Glad you enjoy the patterns too.

  9. blondiebythesea says:

    Yet another polka dot fan here. Those stripey pants are way too cute! Jo xx

    1. misspippilotta says:

      Yay another dotty fan! We could start a polka dot fan club.

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