Radiohead spinetingles, Crochet & Nana-naps

Miss Pippilotta Crochet colours

This weekend has been a quiet one. Fatigue from my day job caught up with me and I indulged in an afternoon nana-nap, only to wake up to the messages of friends asking if I was still coming to Annie & Bern’s gig. Whoops!

Annie & Bern played with Lisa Crawley & Band in Brunswick. Disappointed to miss Annie and Bern, and the chance to check out Lisa live for the first time. I’ve heard good things about Lisa!

But not all was lost. I chose some of the colours for my next crocheted blanket and decided on the pattern…

Miss Pippilotta Crochet coloursMiss Pippilotta Crochet willow pattern

and listened, mostly, to Radiohead. I decided to crochet to sounds of The Bends and OK Computer after declaring Radiohead’s concert at Festival Hall in 1998 is the best big concert I have ever been to. Incongruous activities appeal to me!

Being asked “What’s your favourite band? Song?”, puts me in a state of panic. I can’t do it. There are songs and bands for just about any occasion; (expect country and western). So it came as a surprise, even to me, that I made such a declaration, “Radiohead at Festival Hall = best concert ever”.

What made it the winner? Twice during the concert I was rendered speechless with tingles running up and down my spine. My friend was jumping and down and yelling, but I couldn’t join him. I was stuck to my spot; gobsmacked, in awe over how amazing and beautiful they were.

Before going to the concert I was just a regular Radiohead fan, but hearing them play live put them up on a pedestal that no other band has been able to take since. I still don’t have a favourite band, but Radiohead at Festival in 1998 was sublime.

Need a reminder of them in the 90s?

Do you have an all time best concert experience too? Love incongruous activities? Please do share in the comments, I’d love to hear them.


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  1. Viv says:

    Ahhhhh! I can relate to that- I had a very similar experience. Listened to Switchfoot live in their Hello Hurricane tour. The vibe was so magical that (as you say) they’re on a pedestal that no other band can ever match!
    Viv x

    1. misspippilotta says:

      Magical. That’s the word I was looking for Viv! It is a wonderful to experience.

  2. ing reils says:

    I love radiohead too! You had me at the title of your post today. Spinetingle concert moments for me…any of the (eek) 7 of the u2 concerts I’ve been to as well as Pink Floyd in London or, more recently Sarah blasco with the Sydney symphony at the opera house. Love a good Spinetingle!
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    1. misspippilotta says:

      Hehehe oh Ingis – seven!? U2 concerts. I have been to one, it was only okay for me, but I think that more to do with company than U2…Grumpy, now ex-boyfriend 😉 Now Pink Floyd in London, that must have been truly amazing.

  3. Deb Baker says:

    I’m a huge Radiohead fan too Leah! Never been fortunate enough to see them live though. The concert that stands out for me was seeing Nirvana the one and only time they toured Australia in 1992. It was one of those experiences that you appreciated even more after the event. The weird thing was that they weren’t the headline act. They supported the Violent Femmes, so we nearly missed the start. I remember having to climb a tree to get a proper view. It was beyond awesome!
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    1. misspippilotta says:

      Nirvana when they were still a support act! Wow Deb, that’s one memory I would hold dear. “Beyond awesome” I can only imagine. I know what you mean about appreciating some even more after the event; a friend took me to see a band who were playing upstairs at The Prince in St Kilda, she said “there is band I like from the UK, come along with me” She had just arrived back from living in the UK. I had a great time, I even asked to borrow her CD so I could listen to their songs. There were about 50 people at the gig tops. It was Coldplay – I laugh about it now!

  4. Too many gigs to name just one brilliant one… First Aid Kit, Evan Dando, Neko Case, Ryan Adams, Leonard Cohen…. so so many! I just love how music and gigs can move you… and I nearly ALWAYS craft to music, it’s one of my most favourite things to do ever! Cute new pattern too.

    1. misspippilotta says:

      Thanks Little White Dove, love hearing others are crafty and listen to music at the same time. You have given me a boost along to create a new playlist and share here. Keep an eye/ear out. I don’t know First Aid Kit – I’ll check them out.

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