About Miss Pippilotta

About Miss Pippilotta

Hi, I’m Leah but you are most welcome to call me Miss Pippilotta, or Miss Pippi or Pip (my family do). For you get to know me better, here are a few of my favourite things (in no particular order):

  • Sewing, knitting and crochet, but never of the Nanna-style variety.
  • Practical jokes
  • Short stories
  • Dancing to 90s indie music around my apartment  AND out with friends.
  • Cats and dogs in equal measure.
  • Collecting nephews. So far I have one biological and two non-biological. They are, to quote my brother, the bestest ever.
  • People, I love people and hearing their stories.

I hope you enjoy the misadventures of Miss Pippilotta. Join in, come along for the ride.


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